The Jumping off place

Welcome back to my blog, my life and the answer to your most recent question, what is "The jumping off place" My hope in writing this blog is that you still wont know for sure but that you will start seeking it and have the ability to find it. I'm sure this compounds your question but hang on I'm getting to it. I could give a quick answer but you are worth so much more to me that I will be overly thorough, ensuring your success. As a child we took many rides on the weekends down country roads. This little day trips were all my dad could afford to do but he was focused on his family and insisted the weekends were family times meant to leave the daily life behind and focus on each other and the beauty around us that most cant see. Whether driving thru the mountains or just along country roads not far from us, we always saw so much nature. We were a very poor family but on these weekly drives we felt loved, secure and not afraid of anything. If you knew my mother this was a miracle in itself as she worried about everything under the sun except on these rides. My mothers worry was something I always rebelled against and I'm glad I did. Today my mother still worries but so much less because dad is retired and takes her on drives often. Another factor, her rebel son who caused so much worry has raised 3 kids solo, crossed the country multiple times and has rode out 2 hurricanes on a sailboat. I don't know if she knows, that a touch of her worry resides in me or not, I'm telling you it does. This worry, some would say is natural but I say its destructive and basically bullshit. Never the less it affects us all and can be used as a tool for balance if you focus your mind. On a certain weekend drive, as I was taking in all that I saw, a sign appeared. This sign grabbed my mind in wonder and I had to know what it was all about. The sign was for a second hand bookstore located in Chocorua New Hampshire, a small town in the "White Mountains" This sign is still deep in my mind, and its meaning is not only the title of this blog but also a place that will free you from the world that you feel closing in on you daily. The intrigue of the sign provoked me to ask mom "whats a jumping off place" she responded "Its just a name for a bookstore Kevin, there isnt anything there to jump from". Mom knew I liked jumping, Her answer was incomplete and I knew it, I had to find the answer and so my search began. Something inside me knew this "Jumping off place" was a place i must visit and when I did a magical place would appear. Before I tell you what a jumping off place is, let me say I found it. Its where I am now and have been for about a month. Where am i you ask, Boot key harbor in the beautiful Florida Keys. I left Jacksonville beach about 2 months ago bound for the keys on my maiden solo sail.

this group of palms called to me upon arrival, it said, "This is your jumping off place"

For several years I have been mentally tormented by wanting to "jump off" but didn't, perplexed by moms fear passed via DNA I stayed stagnant. Many of you know about my dedication to activism and truth seeking and you have been very supportive both financially and morally, you're also a key factor in this life changing decision. After a decade of balancing physical labor to pay bills and endless online hours fighting the machine my body is tired and sore. My mind caged and my phuks expiring quicker than I can find them, the decision must be made and it has, OK Kevin, we have read all this and still don't know what a jumping off place is. To understand the answer you must also understand that there are millions of such places but its so much more. A "Jumping off place" is also a time, a decision, a change, a journey, possibly what religions explain as "Heaven". A "jumping off place" simplified is the time, place and situation that make you decide to leave the world you know and transport into a realm of dreams that will now be your life. When we, as mentally caged workers, look into the world, we are most attracted to those people who live our dreams and share their story with us. Sometimes these objects of our desire are not even real but characters created by Hollywood to appease our minds until we become the character. Today I become "the character" My "jumping off place" is this decision, I'm not going back to work, I'm going to sail, seek and teach. Yes you heard me right, I'm done breaking my back and putting off my dreams. It was planned that I would return to Jacksonville beach and work for the summer at my job of landscape/ tree removal foreman, I will not. My physical pains now match my mental pains and I must make this jump. From here in "Boot Key" I will sail to the Tampa area next, To get a full sail plan just keep watching! I do not have a fund or stocks or even a normal bank account. I have only 400 nautical miles of sailing experience and limited equipment. How could I even try to do this? Have you forgotten who you are? You are the ultimate reason I don't worry. My entire life I have lived, haven't I?. During this life, if I needed something it was there. Most of the time surplus was non existent but when it did come I gave it away. When I couldn't, you did. When you said "i cant" I either said "yes you can" or "don't worry I got you'' . I can make this decision with a smile on my face and a confidence that is like nothing I've known. I can make this decision without fear because I know me, I know you and you know me. At this point you must understand what a "jumping off place'" is but you want to know how and whats the benefit to you. As I embark on this journey I will be doing several things to generate enough money to sustain life.

First I will be producing small handmade items that will be for sale. These items will change constantly and be created mostly from reclaimed this n that and will be relevant to time, place and opportunity. Currently I am making wooden pipes from reclaimed wood obtained from repairs on my boat "Fantasia" . these pipes are all different and very limited, 4 have been sold and only 6 or 8 are left to be made. If you want one hit me up! The second thing I will be doing is to produce short, monetized videos of this journey. The video content will focus on beautiful places and teaching you how to obtain, fix and sail your own boat. As a tradesman of over 30 years I have many skills to help you overcome and beautify your floating world. Videos will be hosted by DailyMotion and I hope you will subscribe and share these videos. A playlist specifically for "live aboard" videos is HERE . A third thing that I will do is to do small "gigs" as I find them, here in boot key I will be installing a wind generator and fixing 2 solar systems. Bartering has paid for these gigs and bartering will be a big part of my life from here forward, A fourth way I will fund this journey is by your direct financial support. Many of you have heard of "Patreon" but I will not use that option. Patreon is a platform which helps content creators to get contributions from people who enjoy their content. I choose not to use this option because the participant must bring their following to the patreon site and sign up for their structure. To me this is ridiculous because I have my own website and an understanding of what my followers want. I tried patreon once and after 1 year saw not 1 referral coming from their platform. Many people find patreon great but I believe they don't poses all the skills that I do. In many ways I am a lone wolf and so you will not be asked to be a part of another website. You will be asked however for small contributions. For many people stuck in one place my videos of beautiful places will give them freedom from their world even if only for moments at a time. This may not seems worthy of money but I ask, should we not collect moments? For others my videos will be the technical advantage they need to be safe on their floating homes. This decision may seem, to some, as a free ride for Kevin but from my view it will require work. Many forms of work exist and making cool videos is very time consuming. A big difference also exists between me and those you-tube sailing stars because my mind feeling free gives me more time and space to continue my "life coaching ' and counseling. No I am not a licensed therapist but I am real, I have overcome so much and some rely on my for these services. The counseling is not a paid service, just part of my "pay it forward" responsibility. If anyone reading this needs an ear you can reach me via my social pages or just call 971-312-3151 it's my only number and you will be considered anonymous, you have my word. This time and opportunity will also be shared with those who need an escape by inviting them aboard and allowing them to experience a bit of this world. To receive contributions I mostly use PayPal but am not opposed to mailings or Walmart money transfers or similar options. If you wish to use PayPal you will need to register for a free account. Once on PayPal you will have the option to contribute a set one time or monthly amount. I am humbled by any contributions and those who choose to give a monthly amount will have priority in spending time aboard "Fantasia". I want to close by thanking my Facebook family who have been the most proactive on sharing my message and giving financial contributions. For them daily live, ad free videos will continue. For the blog readers in the crew, this freedom will encourage more writings. Many of these future blogs will include specific info about places I sail too as well as causes and topics of critical issues. To ensure I have covered everything i will also schedule a live Facebook QnA in 7 days from now. Thank you all for your continued support.

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