Special thanks

SO, it's February 13th and the site has been stagnant for some time. The journey I embarked on started weeks ago in Jacksonville Beach Florida and I have posted nothing here. During this time of silence, you my subscribers and social network supporters trickled in to subscribe long before my journey began. You watched my daily antics for the last few years from working hard as a tree and landscape foreman to dancing rum drunk in my undies on my boat.

This post for me is an icebreaker because the desire to blog consistently was always there but the energy to do so was not. I posted many "coming soon" posts but "soon" became a relative term yet to be defined. Even still, you, my social media family, kept subscribing. Thru this journey your support came in daily, from moral support to financial support as well. Today I announce "SOON" has arrived, the energy is high, like never before.

For those who have waited and those who come after, I thank you from all that is me. Presently I am in "coconut grove" Miami and only a short sail from the Florida keys where I will spend the winter exploring, blogging, making videos of the beauty I find and putting lots of work into "Fantasia" The peace I have found within this "Live-aboard" life I hope to extend to you in all I say and do. Let this post stand as an open invite to call upon me when life troubles your mind. This post is also your ticket, redeemable anytime (within reason) to spend some time aboard my vessel and take a pause from what troubles your lives.

I'll close this post by again saying "thank you" for all you do and the support you give!

Much Love, "Masterofmanythings"

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