Americas water supply - an epidemic of toxicity

Before you're finished listening to this presentation you should be horrified. You should also be realizing that this issue must be addressed buy each and every American, starting today!. Listen close and when you're done please share on every platform you use. If your a blogger, you-tuber etc feel free to use the file to create your own content!

I promised during the show to link you first to how I really feel. many however do not use Facebook so i have embedded the video instead. it is below all my source links.

The Poisoning of America's Water Supplies

How polluted is U.S. drinking water?

America's water crisis goes beyond Flint, Michigan

America's Water Supply: The Corrosion of a Proud Tradition

Study: Public water supply is unsafe for millions of Americans

63 million Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water

American Water Works to Invest $2.6M to Boost Water Supply


Water Quality & Testing

wiki on acid rain

EPA Concludes Fracking a Threat to U.S. Water Supplies

AP Exclusive: Evidence of spills at toxic site during floods

Which places in the US have the most toxic spills?


Fluoride Risk Assessment and Relative Source Contribution

California isn’t the only state with water problems

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