The fallacy of sovereign citizens, treasury direct accounts and the felonies thereof

this show is meant to keep you safe when you get overwhelmed in a world of injustice. Gurus and you-tube cowboys (and girls) have tricky rhetoric that leads good people to destruction. Please use this show as a tool to inform the unaware of the pitfalls awaiting them down this fantastic road of felonies and fallacies within the sovereign idea. For the shows to be effective your support is key. if you speak, share or contribute financially , you are equally important and I love you!

Sources for real law/protections/teachings

Craig Kirk - man well versed in law and teacher of many forms of law

many thanks to Nathan Roland for these sources to fight tyranny without extremism

Sources opened during show

from across the pond

^^ in a nut shell compliments of TorStar

Last month, Warren Fischer, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in Nelson, B.C., broke down in tears in court after being convicted of tax evasion.

An adherent to Freeman philosophies and a member of the Sovereign Squamish Nation, Fischer refused for several years to pay income tax, saying he did not want his taxes to support the war overseas. He will be sentenced in October.

Last year Daren Wayne McCormick was convicted in a Nova Scotia court of uttering threats toward officers and sentenced to just over three years in a federal prison when a judge disagreed with his argument that he'd freed himself of the Criminal Code and federal gun laws.

"It appeals to the angry male whose life isn't working out very well," says Usher. "You get this spiral of legal mess that the only person that's benefited is the person who's taken their money for the seminar teaching them how to do all this.

"It looks like desperate people spending their last nickel on bad advice."

Wiki on sovereign citizens

Letter: Trump should move to arrest 'sovereign citizens'

do sovereigns really exist

In depth history

April 08, 2016

A police investigation into fraud and identity theft in Michigan involving an antigovernment “sovereign citizen” took a dramatic turn when police discovered what they described as a “house of horrors.”


Oak Ridger convicted on vehicular homicide charge among ‘sovereign citizens’ arrested by FBI, TBI


Christopher Byrne, a felon and self-proclaimed sovereign citizen arrested


Las Vegas man purported to be ‘sovereign citizen’ arrested

Pcp sales near a school

Police arrest 'sovereign citizens' after crash, scuffle


Texas Rangers arrest area “sovereign citizen” on retaliation charges

Fbi story on sovereign citizens and arrest of 3 in Pennsylvania

Tda scam fbi warning

Oppt ucc filings to foreclose governments

Oppt wiki

Ryan Bundy's latest motion cites OPPT paperwork

Ryan bundy sues government

Well known sovereign citizen Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, formerly of One People’s Public Trust,

Tucci screws herselfself trying to waive council then state she waives no rights lmao!!


sources not talked about but worthy of reference

Connect to paypal/ mix with new age fluffy shit/ how to access tda/ associate of heather tucci

Redemption movement

Petition to release heather ann tucci jarraf and randal keith bean

Video/call between BZ and tucci. She is insane mixing law with frequency and vibration. Says she loved the theater of law

Video removed- tucci money transfer complete

One People's Public Trust

Oppt scam timeline

Flim flam change of routing #'s and deleted video

Videos exposing heather tucci, randal bean and harvey dent

Sovereign arrest/tax evasion

Title 18 of the United States Code

Moron thinks they do not abide laws but gets all benefits then screams rape claiming article 4 free inhabitant

TDA Secret Account Scam


Explanation of why some payments go through initially-tele check

Dutchsinse- oppt- 666- swear allegiance

Ryan bundy ties to oppt

Courtesy letter guidelines

Oppt forcloses banks/governments

Man in canada losses home /files frivolous counter claim

Recent video exposing Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Hatj exposed again

Proof your birth cert is not a bank note

Second tennessee arrests

Forclosure on sovereign for $750,000

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