Jacksonville Sheriff's Office - decades of corruption, murder, lies and pedophilia

Welcome to my blog and please remain seated as you read the following account of the evil within the Jacksonville Sherrif's office. My first awareness of a potential problem began after a local racist threatened my life and took steps to harass myself and my employer. I met with an officer and gave him video proof of the person known locally as "Red," threatening my life while using racially motivated slurs like "nigger luvin Yankee" and others. The officers attitude told me nothing would come of this report and nothing did even after several e-mail attempts on my part. The officers foul language resembled that of a high school street thug and I wondered how he could be carrying a gun.

A few weeks pass and I was again harmed by the #RedHeadedRacist when he cut my boats anchor rope in the middle of the night. Another report and another blow off by the JSO. During these reports I also highlighted the racist nature of "Red" and showed the officers the screenshots below which is proof of domestic terrorism. At this point I had to assume that their lack of action was because the core of the department is also racist and I'm just a "nigger luvin Yankee" More time passes and then the night before hurricane Irma swept thru I have reason to believe that "red" dislodged my anchor, leaving my boat to wash aground.. After the storm passed "Red" thought it prudent to come at my boat with his video on, after fair warning i shot at him with a pellet gun and proceeded to again call the JSO. They arrived by boat with m-16 in hand with a threat of arresting me! In our conversation they explained I have no right to peace and dignity, nor do I have a right to defend myself and my property. They also confirmed in our conversation that "Red" has full right to threaten an intimidate anyone he wants at any time.

Here are the known Facebook accounts of this domestic terrorist.

Rc barnes accounts







My research into the JSO did not require a lot of effort, google is full of their evil deeds. Here is what can be found in under 5 minutes. We will begin in 2002. Former JSO Officer Guilty On 14 Counts

"On their fifth day of deliberations, a federal jury found former Jacksonville police officer Karl Waldon guilty of 14 of the 15 counts against him -- including two charges that could carry the death penalty.

Waldon is now convicted in the strangulation death of Northside businessman Sami Safar (pictured, right), who was found murdered on the 4th of July, 1998.

"Obviously we're pleased with the verdict," lead prosecutor Jim Klint said. He refused to elaborate about the case as the penalty phase of the case will begin next week.

Waldon was arrested almost two years ago after a federal indictment charged him with 15 counts, including Safar's murder, kidnapping, robbery and the sale of cocaine -- an investigation that began more than four years ago when Jacksonville police began to hear stories from drug dealers that officers had stolen money and drugs from them. Waldon was found not guilty of one count -- that of possession of crack cocaine with an intent to distribute.

A two-year federal investigation lead to a 26-count indictment that included Waldon, two other Jacksonville police officers and several others. The indictment portrayed a web of robbery, drug dealing and corruption that ultimately led to Safar's murder. corruption.

From 2009

Thieves! Here we see that the JSO wont even pay for their own software!

"Apparently, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has a problem of not paying their bills and illegally obtaining software from vendors intentionally.

We are going to investigate the insides of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office technology department run by current Director Michael Edwards.

We're going to begin by finding out the truth and if in fact this agency is stealing software and obtaining proprietary code and products illegally." From 2012

Corrections Officer Arrested For Selling Narcotics

On March 28, 2012 the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested a JSO Corrections Officer for selling an undercover agent 80 prescription pills. NCIS received a tip on the corrections officer and brought it to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office attention. An undercover officer made contact with the suspect, James William Mock III, 28 years old, by phone and was told to meet at the Burger King located at Market and State St. The suspect told the undercover agent that the price would be $1,600.

In this next post we read that resident of Atlantic Beach, a suburb of Jacksonville, had to protest the overwhelming police presence in their community. One woman said it was like living in a police state. She also noted that drug dealing and prostitution were not hindered by the police crackdown,


Residents of a black neighborhood in Atlantic Beach say it’s the cops, not hookers or drug dealers, who are destroying their quality of life.

Later in the post we read how the JSO keeps people from knowing the truth about police activity which correlates to expenses, which we know represents our money. "It’s difficult to quantify how pervasive the JSO’s presence in Black Pine has been, because getting police records related to arrests and traffic stops in the neighborhood proved prohibitively expensive. The JSO, for instance, estimated that obtaining the 473 incident reports this year in the area encompassing and surrounding Black Pine would cost this magazine $2,124. For the 216 arrest reports in that area, $648. For the 10,338 traffic citations in JSO’s Zone 2, which includes Black Pine but also stretches out from Arlington to Mayport, $9,306. For computer-generated calls for service in the subsector of Zone 2 that includes Black Pine, $5,022."

From 2015

Corrupt Jacksonville police union president pleads guilty in corruption case

In Jacksonville, police arrested 19 protesters on the order of Sheriff John Rutherford for obstructing traffic. Dubbed the 'Jacksonville 19' by activists and local media, the protesters slowed traffic on the Hart Bridge during rush hour traffic to demand justice for Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Although the police sergeant on duty said that the protesters would receive written citations and verbal warnings, Rutherford ordered the police to arrest the entire demonstration. Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey continues to pursue charges against the Jacksonville 19. Disgraced police union president was a close ally of Angela Corey

Although the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) calls itself a union, it actually operates to protect police from facing justice for racism, brutality and corruption. It also acts as a private organization for the police to leverage their political muscle and push racist policies through local and state government.

One of the main political objectives of the FOP in Jacksonville was putting Angela Corey in the State Attorney's office. Corey gained nationwide infamy for her botched prosecution of George Zimmerman, the racist vigilante who killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Activists in Jacksonville have called for her resignation because of her disproportionate prosecution of African Americans, particularly Black youth. In the entire state of Florida from 2006 to 2011, 52% of the male juvenile offenders tried as adults were African American, while white male juveniles comprised only 25% of those tried as adults. These inequalities alone are staggering, but in Corey's Fourth Judicial District during the same period, African American males comprised 70% of all juvenile offenders tried as adults, while white males comprised just 18%, according to an April 2014 report by Human Rights Watch.

More than just petty thieves!!


$700,000 in drug money laundered and stealing of information from an fbi data base.

"The indictment says Officer Michael Rounsville used those ID cards to access a federal crime database without proper authorization and look in to the history of the undercover officer. The US Attorney’s Office say JSO had access to the National Crime Information Center database maintained by the FBI, but under strict guidelines. NCIC has records relating to the “criminal histories of millions of people as well as persons and vehicles sought by law enforcement agencies nationwide,” according to the indictment."

From 2016

Pedophilia in the ranks!! This post opens many questions about the safety of our children.


The officer worked for the JSO for 15 years,We can only wonder how many kids may have been effected!

From 2017

Here we read that it is possible the JSO has nothing better to do!?

Man says Jacksonville cop threatened him with jail for crossing street illegally

Heres an excerpt of the ignorance:

“What was it that we did wrong, officer?” Shipman asks in the video.

“You crossed,” the officer responded. “Take your camera and point it across there at the red hand. That is a crosswalk.

“One, you weren't in the crosswalk. Two, there was a red sign you both crossed on. That's a $65 ticket apiece. Get into my car. You are being legally detained.”

“I will put you in jail. Walk to my car. I'm about to put you in jail.”

“For what?” Shipman asked.

“Disobeying a direct order,” the officer replied. “Resisting without — walk to my car.”

“That is not resisting, officer,” Shipman said.

“Listen to me, I am doing you a favor,” the officer replied. “I'm not telling you again.”

Here we read about, not only murder, but tampering with evidence as well. 3 veteran Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested in police-involved shooting in Jacksonville

"All three detectives involved in an undercover cocaine deal Feb. 6 that ended in the shooting death of a 22-year-old Jacksonville man are now stripped of their police authority after they were arrested Thursday on tampering charges. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said the fatal use of police force is still under review, but a recording recovered from the scene detailing the events before and after the shooting — including that beer cans were removed from the officers’ vehicle — was enough evidence to obtain arrest warrants for the three employees who are now suspended without pay."

In this post, "Officer arrested after getting paid for hours not worked" we must wonder how an officer gets to have multiple citizen complaints and yet go on to commit fraud against the taxpayers?

"A 14-year veteran patrol officer with multiple citizen complaints on his employment record became the seventh Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office employee arrested this year, routinely claiming hours of off-duty work that he never did. Frank R. Holtsman, 45, was charged with scheme to defraud and official misconduct and took emergency leave following his 9 a.m. arrest, Ivey said.

The Sheriff’s Office Integrity Unit conducted 10 days of surveillance on Holtsman’s off-duty job handling security for homeowners associations, the undersheriff said. During that time, he credited himself with 28 hours of work when he had done 16.

This is a great headline...

Corrupt deputy arrested for second time WTF??? arrested twice...think about that...how...why...

Deputy Timothy James was arrested Saturday 10/7/17 after he beat a handcuffed teenager who was sitting in the back of his patrol car. The deputy said he struck 17-year-old Elias Campos because [he] spit on him. It was later determined that James lost his temper because the boy did not have his social security number memorized. According to reports, another deputy had to pull James off the boy. Campos had to be transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

Deputy James was also arrested in April after he was caught on camera tackling and then striking a man at a hospital, who again, James claimed had spit on him. However , the State Attorney’s Office said that in the video it was James who actually spit on the 21-year-old. A deputy at the scene who defended James’ actions turned out to be James’ wife, who also works for the JSO. Witnesses at the scene said that James was “clearly trying to provoke a response out the man”. Since the last incident, fellow officers have come forward and described James as “very aggressive”. Some have suggested steroid use by the stout deputy. In May, James was investigated after he struck and killed a pedestrian on University Boulevard while responding to a burglary. James told investigators that the man “jumped” in front of his car while “running code”. Investigators never filed charges against James. Instead, they ruled 62-year-old Blane Land’s death “suicide by cop”. Land’s family says no way. They are still looking for answers. Since Mike Williams became the sheriff in July 2015, more than 30 officers have been suspended and 50 more have resigned. James is the 18th law enforcement officer to be arrested in Jacksonville. James has been stripped of his arrest powers while he is under investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office.

Here we see a hint of racism within the JSO.

Female JSO lieutenant files lawsuit claiming sexual discrimination , this after she used racial slurs on Instagram " Callahan was accused of making racist posts on Instagram about black people, using profanity and calling African-Americans the "N" word. She resigned from her position at the Fraternal Order of Police in February and was suspended in April."

In the last few weeks KKK flyers have been distributed in several East Arlington communities and when we read and research a dark undertone imerges.

KKK FLYERS THREATENING TO BEAT BLACK MEN WHO 'MAKE EYES' AT WHITE GIRLS SHOW UP IN JAX NEIGHBORHOOD The JSO's stance is that no crime was committed. "“As a law enforcement agency, when we respond to reports of these incidents, our job is to determine if there is an allegation of criminal activity being made or if any laws are being broken. If there is, our officers are trained to conduct further investigation. If there isn’t, we try to take the opportunity to explain to the complainant that the distribution of literature—no matter how offensive that literature is to some—is not in and of itself a crime.” said JSO Lt. Chris Brown, who oversees the Public Information Unit."

Yet when we read the solicitation codes.... "250.702 states: Every person desiring to engage in residential soliciting as a commercial or professional solicitor is hereby required to make written application for a permit. Such permit shall be carried by the solicitor. Was a permit given to distribute this material? If the answer is yes then I say the city is a co-conspirator of a hate crime and act of domestic terrorism! If no permit was given for such material to be distributed then a crime was committed and an investigation should commence. The undertone here is that the JSO is a reacist organization, even if merely by proxy.

Just four days ago we get this headline:

JSO narcotics detective arrested for stealing $100 during drug bust

According to Undersheriff Pat Ivey, 45-year-old Jason Mann, an 11-year-veteran with the sheriff's office was conducting a narcotics search off of Dignan street when the incident occurred. During the bust, JSO detectives discovered narcotics and money at the scene. That's when officials say Mann took a $100 bill. Now let us listen to a long time resident of Jacksonville in this damning video. Jacksonville Sheriff office John Rutherford EXPOSED

This video expresses a long history of corruption including brutality and drug dealing, even into the jail.The speaker warns everyone that Jacksonville can not survive because of the corruption. A ring of dog fighters is also mentioned along with many other backdoor evils.

Things are, as the man in the video warned, falling apart. There is hope however, in this post "Jacksonville activists demand community control of the police" we read how some are taking action .In June "Around 30 members of the Northside Coalition and the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition (JPC) rallied in downtown Jacksonville, June 1, for community control of the police. Northside Coalition leader Ben Frazier spoke on why we need more police accountability in the city of Jacksonville. Protesters are calling for the creation of a Jacksonville Police Accountability Council, a community-represented oversight board with investigative powers to review Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police crimes, along the with hiring powers and the ability to fire corrupt officers. Protesters say they have modeled this plan after similar legislation in Chicago, where activists are pushing for a similar accountability council. Longtime JPC leader Wells Todd said, "This is the first of many rallies we are going to have to push for this accountability council.""on the same day JSO Sheriff Mike Williams was having a town hall meeting around a body cam pilot program, which is far from enough to change anything.

Part of my research into JSO included research specific to the Sheriff Mike Williams. Nothing was found that indicates he is the problem. In my opinion he has taken on a corrupt and completely out of line department and will need a lot of time and support to cure the evil within the JSO and its decades of abuses. when we read his bio, we find a local raised man who serves his community as a lifestyle not just a job.

"Born and raised in Jacksonville, Sheriff Williams is married and is raising a family of three sons here. Sheriff Williams served in the Air National Guard, and began his successful career at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in 1991. As a young patrol officer he rode “a beat” in downtown Jacksonville, where he developed relationships with citizens and business leaders, believing early in his professional life that connecting with citizens was very important to the success of what Agency is trying to accomplish: reducing and solving crime together with citizens who are engaged with their officers. He quickly developed a reputation as a police officer who cares about people and likes to work with them to solve their public safety issues.

I leave you with this thought "the answer to this problem, and others like it, has been the same since the dawn of time, we must stay vigilant and we must stay informed. we must be ready to hold those in power accountable and we must as well hold ourselves accountable.

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