Masterofmanythings, who is he

I have many skills, but I didn't bring you here for that! Please consider my story and adjust yours as you feel its needed.

OH say can you see by the dawns early light?

When I was a child in grammar school I felt some pride as we saluted our flag at the beginning of each day. Singing our national anthem was then a treat that left me starting my day full of strength and ready to reach adulthood so I could help save the world. During this ritual i would dream of saving the needy and feeding the poor, defending the weak and being a model to the world. I would envision myself a hero, validated by our flag and the sacrifice of those who "defended" it. As time passed this tradition faded and the lies told started to be obvious, even to a teen reaching puberty. As my body hair began to grow so did my ability to reason. As most teens do or do not, I did not. I did not pay attention to the inner voice which constantly whispered, "it's a lie". When the news hour came I would, in unison with my family, talk back to the television and tell it how it did not fool me and that it was a lying bastard. Soon a sit-com would come on and this bullshit would be over. What i never realized is that those voices of truth were when I should have become active in the fight for truth and justice. Daily I was inundated with acts of injustice, whether it be local or global the deception was sickening to an awake but inactive activist to be. Now comes the fuck yourself in every way possible phase of life.In my early teens, provoked by flashy alcohol adds, I started drinking heavy on the weekends. It was great fun ountaside from the vomiting, lying to family and the dwindling bank account. Ha! I've got it, I will go to work and buy more alcohgol. Problem solved! You can probably imagine what the next several years were like so i will skip the drinking, drugging and the jail sentences for pesky shit. So here we are, a tradesman of high quality and ethics with over a decade of self employment and a single father of 3 young boys. the year 2007, just before the fall of the economy. Within a year I was broke and struggling to find work, something I never worried about. With rent overdue and a heart that wont quit I came to the internet seeking fame and riches as a stay at home internet marketer. I worked my ass off to learn the computer and combine it with my marketing skills. FAIL. Ethics kept me from excelling in the real world as a marketer because i just cant trick people or manipulate them for money, as you know the internet was worse. It didn't take me long to see that I could not continue on this path and I stopped all marketting. Since my twitter was so large i kept it and started seeing news again I hadnt bothered with news for quite some time and I was horrified, the activist awakened with a vengeance. From a newbie who found anonymous to a talk radio host reaching the entire globe, I worked to wake the sheeple and be the voice they didnt have. I saw the power that could be theirs if someone would encourage them to speak and support them in the conversation. Some did, but sadly most just listened or ignored the call altogether. For nearly a decade I fought in every way I could find to inform the masses and cover the internet with truth. When I found you-tube I was stoked, I could earn money telling the truth!!! I soon found that they dont like the truth and soon my right to monetize was permantly revoked by google. I pushed on however because ultimately money isnt my goal. I built my channell over 5 years reaching over 1.5 million views across 1200 videos and thousands of subscribers and then pow TERMINATED BY YOU-TUBE.My crime? False reports in mass by a bot to screw tubes automated system. All those videos gone in a moment. I was furious and determined not to be silenced. After short research I found Dailymotion, an alternative to you tube. On goes my fight. Stepping up to the present day, here i am, disgusted and burnt out. My awakening has brought me to the point that I see most are lost and the country is falling. I still share info and fight for truth but the drive is diminished. I know what is coming and I know most will realise it too late. Great sufferring is coming to this country as well as this planet. I moved onto my sailboat a year ago in preparation of these coming trials. It is my feeling that most places will be unsafe and disease ridden. I will never give a date for apocoplypse because no date exists, just a slow spiral down to extinction. In the coming months and years my focus will change more and more to helping individuals find the freedom I now know. For others bound tight by the system i hope to bring video of beautiful places and people. If I cant bring you freedom, i can atleast bring you a smile and a momentary escape from the cruel world that now envelopes all that you know. Currently I am working two days per week to feed myself and take care of small needs. My boat is in need of new rigging and sails before I can begin my trips to beautiful places. For now i will motor the icw in Florida when I'm able and highlight attractions here. I have started a playlist for these videos found HERE. I hope that some who read this blog will find value in my efforts and have the ability to contribute. Once the boat is sail ready it will also be used to give poor activists a break from life at no cost. The boat has recently given shelter for a night to a stranded activist who ended up in my area after hurricane Irma. It will continue to not only be my home but a safe haven for those in need. To contribute CLICK HERE I hope this post will somehow awaken you in some way. Dont chase their dream, make your own. Dont be silent when your inner voice calls you and above all don't wait another day to do what you know you should do. waiting is what lost our country, our society and our humanity.

#masterofmanythings #activist #truthseeker

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