Short and sweet but I broke the ice

Finally here I am, on the p.o.s laptop, writing the first blog of the new site. I am a bit rusty and a bit disappointed that the site has been back up for months and I am just now able to be free enough in the mind to write. I left Jacksonville Beach 2 days ago, southbound on the St. Johns river, bound for St. Augustine. My boat "Non Compliance" is currently not able to sail due to stretched rigging and a ripped jib sail. My motor however, a Honda 9.9 4 stroke outboard, is a fuel efficient champ that's always ready to go. Getting here was a breeze even with the river littered with debris from hurricane Irma. For footage of the St. Johns and my ride on anchor visit Dailymotion I have been longing to write because it slows the pace as compared to doing videos. When I make a video my minds always gets flooded with the urgency of all the causes I want you to know about. I dare not let those floods of thought act out here, future blogs will be topic specific and will focus on two main categories, activism and live aboard sailing. Now that I am no longer raising kids i will have more time for the 2 things that are dearest to me other than family. All blogs related to sailing will be linked on the "live aboard sailing" page and blogs related to activism will be found in every corner of the interwebs, with a little help from you.

Last night I took time to listen to Barrett Brown give a great overview of the #PursuanceProject, I was very encouraged. So encouraged in fact that I registered to become part of the project. To me Barrett and his constituents have not only revived the essence of anonymous activism but done so in a way that will bring lethal precision to causes, all while keeping participants safer from the ptb and those who oppose truth and justice. My mind whirls at the idea of pursuance along with my ability to travel cheap and fairly anonymously when needed. I strongly urge all activist to listen to his "Ask me Anything" interview which explains the project in simple yet in depth terms. For any "old phags" who may read this I welcome your opinion of the project. Newb's are also welcome to give feedback as we really are one, if and when we act like we are.

OK its done, i broke the ice! This is when the mind starts pounding thoughts into the cosmos and I realize that i should end the post before i sound like a blubbering idiot. To expand my efforts and get "Non Compliance" up to sail ready shape I will be relying heavily on increasing video revenue and your contributions. For those who are able and see value in my effort please consider a contribution. Check out the boat below, a 1975 endeavor lancer 25 ft.. Till the next writing much love and thanks from "Masterofmanythings"

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